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Retired Bankruptcy Judge Charles Case On The Implications Of Filing Bankruptcy Without Attorney Representation

If you are considering bankruptcy, you must watch this video developed as a collaborative effort between the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education (Bar Foundation), the Arizona Consumer Bankruptcy Council/ Bankruptcy Section of the State Bar, and the Self-Help Center court staff, available at http://www.azb.uscourts.gov/default.aspx?PID=183 (last visited October 13, 2013).

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When you are faced with overwhelming debt, knowing your options is the first step to taking back control of your finances. When you work with Stone Law Group in Phoenix, Arizona, we give you the tools you need to determine which option best fits your situation, decide your short-term and long-term goals, and then take the remaining steps toward achieving debt relief. You will work directly with Phoenix bankruptcy attorney Shawn Stone, who will guide you every step of the way. Call Shawn today to find out why so many people call him the best bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix, AZ.

At Stone Law Group, we know that debt problems usually don’t arise because you were financially incompetent. Maybe you lost your job. Perhaps you or a loved one was involved in a serious accident that required expensive medical care. Maybe you fell prey to high-interest loans or credit cards. Whatever the cause, our job is to educate you on your options for debt relief.

Do You Have Questions? I Specialize in Personal Service and Making Sure You Understand All of Your Options.

What is Bankruptcy?

Understand Your Bankruptcy Options

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code is your right under the law to rebuild your finances when your debts get out of control. We take the time to listen to your concerns, striving to obtain a clear picture of your situation so we know how best to advise you. In a one-on-one consultation, Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer Shawn Stone will help you:

We will not push you to file for bankruptcy if we do not think it is in your best interest to do so. Our goal is to ensure you have the information you need to take back control of your financial future.

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Having a concrete plan of attack is often the key to obtaining the debt relief you need. Attorney Shawn Stone will help you formulate your strategy by providing the in-depth knowledge and guidance you need. Call us locally at 602-265-3000 to schedule a free bankruptcy consultation. We offer evening and weekend appointments upon request. We accept payment plans for certain qualifying cases. Call us today and find out why we are one of the best bankruptcy law firms in Phoenix, Arizona.